Why choose Clyde Valley Pet Retreat to look after your dogs?

May 19th, 2013
We are always looking for feedback on the service we provide so we like to ask our clients why they chose to book their dogs into our luxury boarding kennels at Clyde Valley Pet Retreat instead of one of the many other establishments that are available. Here are some of the main reasons that people choose Clyde Valley Pet Retreat over the others. (In no particular order)
1. As we only have four suites, our clients know that their dogs will at the very least receive 50% of our out time, care, love and attention compared to larger establishments. (4 suites and with minimum of two staff looking after them)
2. Also having just four suites housing fewer dogs means that we do not have the usual chorus of barking dogs which is synonymous with traditional larger multi kennel establishments. This means our guests are totally relaxed and stress free both during their stay and more importantly on their return home.
3. The size of our large suites give peace of mind to our clients with more than one dog that knowing that they can live very comfortably together without being split into different rooms.
4. Our live 24 hour webcams allows our clients the ability to log on anytime to see how their dogs are doing. Not everyone checks the cameras daily but at least they have the peace of mind knowing they can if they want to. From our point of view the cameras show our clients that we have nothing to hide and are 100% open and transparent in everything we do.
5. The fact that Clyde Valley Pet Retreat is 100% family run is a huge thing for our clients. The only people involved in our business are myself, my husband Jim, my mum or my dad. We employ no outside staff so we can ensure the highest standards of care and attention at all times.
6. We like to stay in communication with our clients throughout their dogs stay so we have regular updates by email, text, telephone and Facebook so no matter where our clients are in the world they can be kept up to date on how their dog is doing
7. Having our two acre field for playtimes and exercise is a huge plus point for many owners. To know that their dogs will be out and about playing and running to their hearts content and not being cooped up in a kennel all day is very reassuring.
8. During the colder months of the year (which seems never ending at the moment) the suites are kept warm and dry with full height toughened double glazed windows and doors, full house standard insulation and thermostatically controlled under floor heating. Also each suite has its own digital radio playing nice relaxing background music.
9. Our isolated location means that the dogs will not be disturbed by the noise of passing traffic or other noises that can disturb them. The nosiest it ever gets around here is this time of the year (around April/May) when the surrounding fields are full of ewes and their gorgeous little lambs bleating away all day.
10. Finally, people just seem to love what we do, how we go about it and why we do it. We started Clyde Valley Pet Retreat after we had our very own horror story when we put our late and beloved Afghan Hound Basil into a kennel in Glasgow. After that horrendous and very distressing experience, we decided to create something truly unique that would prevent other dog owners from going through similar horror stories. We know from personal bitter experience how stressful it can be leaving your dog anywhere so that’s why we make sure you are 100% happy with us and our facilities before you make any decision.
There are many more reasons why people choose Clyde Valley Pet Retreat however if you are considering using our facilities why not come along and see the facilities we have and meet the people who will be looking after your beloved dogs during their stay before you make up your mind. You can also read the many testimonials we have been sent on our website www.clydevalleypetretreat.co.uk