Transparency & peace of mind

Clyde Valley Pet Retreat aims to make sure that you have complete confidence in everything we do and how we look after your dogs. Have the added confidence of being able to see your dogs live 24hrs a day on the internet.


Still from one of our webcams.

We want you to be 100% confident that whilst your dogs are in our care they are being given the highest standards of care and attention. At Clyde Valley Pet Retreat we also want you to be 100% confident that we have nothing to hide and are transparent in everything we do. We appreciate that for some people, separation from your beloved dogs can be a stressful experience. There can also be that niggling feeling around whether or not they have settled in and are they actually enjoying being in boarding.

With both of these things in mind, we decided to install state of the art live feed digital webcams in each suite which can be accessed via the internet allowing you access 24 hours a day. The cameras are equipped with infra red capability so that even if you decide to check on them before you (and they)go to bed, the cameras will still show the live images.

When your dog has been checked in we will issue you with a web page address specific to the suite your dog is in and only you can access that page to see your dog for the duration of their stay.

So far our clients have found the cameras to be a fantastic facility which adds to their overall enjoyment of their holidays by allowing them the comfort of seeing for themselves that their dogs are settled and enjoying themselves.

Boarding Excellence

We have been awarded the prestigious Crown Award for Boarding Excellence by


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