Our New Secure Play Area Is Under Construction.

June 28th, 2013

Over the last two years since we opened, we have been fortunate that a good majority of dogs that have stayed with us have been both good off the lead and good with recall so they have had great fun running in our field. There have also been dogs who either can’t get off the lead or have not been good with recall so they have had to be kept on the lead.

In order that all our guests can have even more fun than they already do when they come to Clyde Valley Pet Retreat, we decided to create a large enclosed play area so every dog (if their owners so wish) can get off the lead for a proper run in the field.

Over the last couple of weeks we have been preparing an area of our field, digging the 50 holes for the posts and concreting them in place ready for the 8 ft. high fencing. Yesterday the fencing materials arrived and we are just waiting on a date for the fencing contractors to come on site and install the mesh and gate.

The play area is just short of 1 acre in size so will have plenty of space for the largest of dogs to have a good run around the field. Next step will be to add some agility equipment, tunnels and a paddling pool for our guests to play in so more pictures will follow as things are completed.

Our fencing materials