Client Testimonials

Find out what our customers have to say about their (and their dogs!) experience of staying at Clyde Valley Pet Retreat!

Client Testimonials

Whether you are choosing a restaurant, hotel or holiday most people now rely on the reviews and opinions of others posted on the many internet review sites. These sites are designed to give you an open and honest reflection of the experiences of other people both good and bad and often it is these reviews and opinions that make the difference between success and failure of any given business. Luxury boarding kennels are no different and when someone has the difficult task of finding the right place, honest and positive testimonials really help.

My aim with Clyde Valley Pet Retreat has always been to provide luxury dog boarding to the highest standards of care whilst at the same time making the process of leaving your dog with us a happy stress free experience for both you and your dogs.

This page contains testimonials that our clients have submitted to us and I hope that by reading the experience of others, it will help you make the decision that Clyde Valley Pet Retreat is the perfect place for your own dogs. These are no ordinary kennels just see what people are saying below.

Honey’s Holiday

Dear Angela and Jim,We were dreading the thought of having to put Honey in kennels for the first time. However, after a visit to meet you and see your facilities we were instantly put at ease.

Thank you for taking such good care of her and for the photos and video of her out having fun with her new furry friends. Seeing the video made a huge difference to us both and we began to relax immediately afterwards.

The webcam in the suite was a great comfort as well and we  enjoyed checking in on her regularly. You provided an excellent service and we will not hesitate to come back again.

Kind Regards,

David, Lynda & Honey, Edinburgh


Fab Place!

Great place, great people . My wee 13 year old pup had never stayed overnight with anyone other than family and friends.he had an amazing time .it was lovely to watch him enjoying himself on the web and see how happy and content he was.definitely no sign of homesickness! The standard of care is exceptional.The amount and quality of walks is fab and such a great country safe places to walk.thank you Angela and Jim.

Val Kell, Ayrshire


Clyde Valley Pet Retreat a Home from Home

Dear Angela and Jim,

Having suffered a very bad experience with kennels many years ago I vowed that I would never ever place my dogs in kennels again. Since then we depended on family to care for our dogs which was wonderful as all my family are dog people making sure our boys were thoroughly spoiled. Time moves on and circumstances sadly change, my husband Glenn and I found ourselves in a situation where we were unable to plan any holidays or breaks, then we heard about you through a friend. With a fair degree of intrepidation we visited to meet you and Jim and to see your facilities. To say we were thrilled would be an understatement, not only were your suites superb but most of all we felt a kindred spirit with both of you and the obvious love you have for animals.

A booking was made and we enjoyed a few days break with Ollie and Dudley in your care. You made it so easy for us by sending us reports, photographs of the pups at play and even a short video of them having a great time running and playing with your own dogs. The fact that we could also log in to watch them in the kennels whenever we pleased was really helpful for us. The clincher however, was that when we came to collect the pups at the end of our break, they, so clearly having had a wonderful time paid little attention to us but just wanted to be close to you both. When we drove away their noses were pressed to the rear window whining as they realised they were leaving you both behind, the highest praise indeed!!

Thank you for opening up opportunities so that my husband and I can take some holidays together, confident that Ollie and Dudley have a home from home that is luxurious and safe with wonderful caring people. Clearly a most enjoyable holiday for the pups!! Such has been our experience with you that we have booked two holidays for later in the year knowing our pups will look forward to their holidays with you and the other doggy guests.

Once again a huge thank you,

Elaine, Glenn, Ollie & Dudley – Dunbartonshire

Home from Home !

We are so glad we found Clyde Valley Pet Retreat, a true home from home for our two boys.

It is always hard leaving your pets for any length of time and it took us a long time and a lot of searching to find the right place that we could feel comfortable with.  Even then we started off with having a couple of overnight/ weekend trial visits to see how the dogs would get on.
We needn’t have worried.

The kennels really are luxury standard with everything you can think of to make your dogs comfortable down to the smallest detail but I think the best asset the kennels have are Angela and Jim themselves.
Knowing you are leaving your dogs with people who will love and take care of them as if they are their own really gives you peace of mind.

Paddy our older dog has “ issues ” with new people and situations but Angela and Jim have gained his confidence , taking it slowly with him each time he is in. It is so good to see him so relaxed when we go to pick him up now and the change in him from his nervous first visit is really noticeable.

I have to mention the added bonus.  Angela and Jim have built a large exercise/play area and it is truly doggy heaven for our two. Ollie would play in there all day, every day if you let him and he runs straight to it with his ball whenever we arrive.

We can’t praise Clyde Valley highly enough and we are looking forward to having many more doggy holidays there for many more years to come.

by Carolyn Burns, Renfrewshire


Alfie & Roxy my Cockapoos

Hi there I would just like to say a big thank you to Angela and Jim at Clyde valley pet retreat for looking after my two spoiled Cockapoos, I struggled to find a perfect place for my dogs they totally look after dogs 24/7 cameras amazing my dogs will be back there

Regards Jim & Andrea Francis North Lanarkshire



Thank you so much Angela and Jim for taking such good care of our wee Tasha when we were on holiday recently. It was wonderful being able to watch her on the webcam whenever we chose. You so obviously love dogs and I have peace of mind when she is with you. We would not leave her anywhere else and she will definitely be back.

Eileen Millar, Lanarkshire


Home from Home

I have 2 boisterous, lively, long haired dogs who just love to go on their holidays.  I know when we go away and leave Rufus and Nell with Angela and Jim, we can relax as the dogs are well cared for, well fed and well exercised.  And importantly for me because of their coats they don’t leave Clyde Valley smelling of kennels. My two definitely enjoy their stay and I couldn’t recommend Clyde Valley Pet Retreat highly enough.

Lynley Seaton, Midlothian


Go on Holiday with Confidence!

Firstly my apologies to Clyde Valley it has taken so long to add in this testimonial!  No excuse – just a busy mum of a growing two year old and a demanding dog!

We were the stereotypical family with a dog who never went away together because we wouldn’t leave the dog!  14 years my mum and I spent managing the sitting of our last retriever because we wouldn’t leave her – and we were doing the same with Bonnie. This all changed when we found Clyde Valley.

Angela and her family are truly dog lovers and looked after our lovely 5 year old Bonnie (a retriever) as if she was their own.  I will be honest and say even despite the recommendation and despite liking everything when we arrived on the spot for a visit,  I was still anxious and worried about leaving her – however I would never worry again after seeing her on the webcam, so contented and seeing how happy she was when we got back.

I would have no hesitation in using Angela again.  It makes going on holiday and leaving your beloved pet now a worry free exercise!

Thanks Again.  Pam, Bonnie’s Mum, North Lanarkshire

Cooper & Harvey’s Holiday

I would just like to say a huge thank you to Angela and Jim who looked after our fur-babies with the utmost care and devotion. I was very apprehensive putting Cooper and Harvey into kennels (cause they’re ma weans after all) but I needn’t have worried at all. It was an added bonus being able to see them on the web cams, fabulous idea.

This is the first time ever, that both dogs haven’t taken to huff with us and trip over their bottom lips for days after picking them up from kennels. They just look so relaxed, utterly content and have obviously enjoyed their wee holiday.

I have never met nicer folk than Angela and Jim and they obviously have a real passion for dogs and thoroughly enjoy their job.

Thank you both so much and if we need to put the dogs in kennels again, I know where they will want to go xXx

Pamela Lennie, North Lanarkshire


Perfect setting for Molly

This was the first time I’d ever left my little Molly. She’s just over a year old and I’ve been lucky enough to have her with me every day at work also thanks to our dog policy. So, the thought of leaving her at a kennel was just not an option. No matter how good any kennel tries to be, it’s just like prison for dogs who are used to home comforts. So, finding the Pet Retreat practically on my doorstep as well, was a blessing.

Angela and Jim were so happy to have me visit and ask lots of questions on more than one occasion! The minute you meet Angela and Jim you can tell they are ‘doggie’ people with good hearts and have only the welfare of your pet on their minds at all times.

I had no worries or reservations about leaving Molly there and being a friendly wee thing she was happy to play with the other guests staying there. It’s just such a relief to know that your wee pal is safe and well and getting lots of exercise in a happy and safe environment with people to give her hugs and pets as well as walks and treats.

I have no reservations at all about recommending this Retreat and thanks so much to Angela and Jim for setting it up. Thanks also from Molly who would love to come back next time I’m off galavanting!

Ruth McElhinney, Lanark


Wonderful holiday for the boys and total peace of mind for us !

This is the first time in seven years  we have left our dogs with anyone and even with the previous testimonials and several pre holiday telephone calls with Angela which  were all very positive, we were still anxious , but looking at the dogs on the webcam , talking to Jim & Angela on the phone and seeing the pictures that they emailed us whilst away , we quickly realized that we could actually relax and enjoy our holiday too. On picking up the boys it became very apparent that they had been well looked after , loved and had lots of exercise as the following days all they wanted to do was rest. So thank you Angela & Jim ,  the boys will see you again in August. Gloria & Ian , Star , Sky & Sunny xxx

Ian Davison, Scottish Borders


Suma, Merlin & Kibo

Our three cocker spaniels, all very used to their home comforts and  sleeping by the Aga, spent their first time with you last week whilst we took a quick break from the winter snow.

Your webcam facility gave us hours of joy, seeing them warm, cosy and happy. It was such fun to see their noses glued to the viewing panel, three tails wagging, watching you come to take them out for their many daily walks in the hills and play times with the ball. Thank you for all the love and cuddles they were given.

They came home fit, glossy and obviously having had the times of their lives. We will never consider taking them anywhere else.

Stephanie Goddard, South Lanarkshire


Thank you so much!

When I decided to re-home my first rescue dog Sam I was resigned to the fact that I would never get to go a holiday as I never fully trusted anyone to look after my dog, however 2 years later and two other dogs I have finally found somewhere I am happy to leave then AND it’s just down the road!  Leaving my three dogs Sam (collie cross) Bonnie (border collie) and Jack (German shepherd cross border collie) was quite daunting having never been away from them for more than a night, but after meeting Angela and Jim initially my mind was put to rest on meeting them their warmth and passion for dogs is so apparent we were immediately put at ease. They were so attentive to what each dog needed as with having three rescues they each have their quirks. I wanted to bring the dogs to meet them before I went away just so that everything wasn’t completely strange for the dogs which like everything else was not a problem for Angela and Jim. Coming armed with multiple beds blankets leads and halti’s all of these things were welcomed to make the dogs feel at home. After dropping the dogs off only a few hours went by and the first email came in to say all was well, excellent communication skills with regular updates. There was a slight problem with the camera the first day we were away but again Angela kept us informed so this was not a problem at all and as soon as the camera was working again in received an email. On checking in on the dogs they were calm and relaxed watching the world go by through the full length window. Once I picked the dogs up again Jim was there to assure us that everyone was okay while we were away and to help us get the car packed up again and it was clear they had built up a good relationship with the dogs in that short time. Anyone that is considering Clyde Valley Pet Retreat I cannot recommend it enough and some might think the price is a little high but for the amount of care and compassion that is put into looking after your dogs it’s a small price to pay! I have three happy exhausted dogs lying at my feet totally relaxed after there stay. I cannot thank Angela, Jim and family enough and we will definitely return again.

Sasha Jack, South Lanarkshire


Luxury without Compromise

I had never put my dogs into kennels before as I had heard horror stories and spent my whole time going separate holidays so that they were looked after at home. However an occasion arrived when this was not possible and I was forced to look for kennels.

I searched for weeks and when I found the Clyde Valley Pet Retreat, I was so excited as it ticked ALL the boxes.

We contacted Angela who was so helpful and didn’t seem phased at taking in 4 large dogs. The fact that they could all stay in one kennel with plenty of space was fantastic.

They had a large full length glass window where they could watch the comings and goings and on the opposite side a beautiful mountain view with access to a run. Again this was important as our dogs have a dog flap at home so they are used to being outside a lot.

The CCTV was great until the day I looked and saw one of the beds had been ripped to shreds by one of the dogs. (Thats when I wished I hadn’t looked) I phoned Angela who was so lovely and said it was not a problem (nothing to Jim or Angela is a problem as far as your dogs are concerned) There are not many people who can cope with bending down and having a large Akita jump on their back and laugh as they fall over with the weight.

I couldn’t get Cara, the biggest Akita, to leave Jim. They all adored him and their reluctance to leave just proved they had as good a holiday as we had.

My daughter has her 3 dogs booked now and we have booked ours another twice, this year alone, which proves how highly we think of Jim and Angela. If you have any hesitations I can assure you that if there is anywhere that is safe and luxurious, you need look no further.

Natalie Trotter-King, Glasgow


Peace of mind

We have never previously placed any of our dogs in Kennels and had many reservations about leaving our dog Kiera while we were abroad.

After much research, we found Clyde Valley Pet Retreat who offered the level of care Kiera would get at home.We met Angela and Jim at our initial visit and were very impressed by their caring attitude and the luxury of the facilities. Kiera can be quite nervous but took to Angela and Jim right away.

Kiera stayed for two weeks and we were able to relax and enjoy our holiday. Having the Webcam was very reassuring and the email updates from Angela were a very nice touch.

This is the place for caring dog lovers to board their pets.

Thank you to Angela & Jim.

Jim Jess, South Lanarkshire


Happy Dog!!!

After a terrible experience in the past with kennels we have not been able to go on holiday together as a family.  I vowed I would never put my dogs in kennels again then I found Clyde Valley Pet Retreat, a home from home for my precious dog.  We booked Shadow in for three days before going on holiday to test if he would enjoy it.  We were still at home so we watched him constantly through the webcam.  Shadow loved his time with Angela & Jim who are committed dog lovers.  He spent most of his day playing with their dogs and others with their owners permission.  When he slept he was on his comfy bed outside or inside as he wished.  We have now been away for the first time as a family to America and could watch him settle down every night so contented.  We have just booked him in again in November as we are going away as a family again.

Mandy Boag, Glasgow


A Home From Home

We have never left out two dogs with anyone except family so this was our first experience of going away and leaving the dogs with someone else. The Clyde Valley Pet Retreat is much much more than a kennels it truly is a comfortable home from home where the dogs are cared for and loved. Angela is a natural and the dogs took to her right away. We were totally content and happy leaving the dogs and we even got text messages assuring us how the were which was great. We also looked in on them on the webcam so we could watch the from the other side of the world! A first class establishment we will visit again. Thanks Angela the boys say hi!

 Bob Carrigan, South Lanarkshire

Harvey’s New year Holiday

Dear Angela & Jim,

It was such a big decision decision for us to be able to give over out big boy Harvey at New Year to go on holiday, as Harvey is now 10 years old. But as soon as we met, we could see how much you love and care for dogs. We could not have found a more loving and wonderful part time home for him. Harvey had a great holiday too, roaming and playing in the fields with his friends, which enabled us to enjoy our New Year. Thank You so much for your care and attention.

To all pet lovers out there, we have complete trust in Angela and Jim.

A big Sincere Thank You

Ellie, David & Jordan Young and most of all Harveydog, South Lanarkshire


Fabulous – Holly’s second home!!

What an amazing place for dog and owner – I can’t recommend the Angela’s Clyde Valley Pet Retreat enough.

When I needed cover to look after Holly (my 4 year-old Westie) on four separate occasions during October and November, I knew I wanted somewhere which was clean, warm, safe, friendly and a home-away-from-home. Having experienced other kennels with my previous Westie, and never being too sure just how she was being looked after (so many other dogs, little in the way of heating, time spent outside or on walks) Angela’s lovely retreat is a breath of fresh air; quite literally, up in the beautiful hills of the Clyde Valley. Some kennels barely enquire about your dog beforehand, their character, likes/dislikes etc. but Angela really takes the time to understand what is right for you and your dog. Furthermore, the ability to see Holly on the webcam gave me real peace-of-mind and was actually a lot of fun, with my nephews watching the webcam trying to guess what Holly was up to. Yes, it may seem more costly than other kennels, but when your dog is a true member of the family, you wouldn’t want them to experience anything else.

Indeed, Angela, Jim and Kirsty looked after Holly as if she was one of their own. From the moment she arrived, Holly absolutely loved her time at the Clyde Valley Pet Retreat. From chilling out in front of the log fire one evening when she was the only staying over, to going for walkies with her new best-bud Mitzy and having fun hanging-out ‘supervising’ Angela as she gave the other dogs their breakfasts. Angela is definitely Holly’s second family and I have already booked Holly in for a few days in March. As testament to Holly’s great time with Angela ……paws in the air for tummy rubs and chill time!!!

Dorothy & Holly, Fife


Buster’s time at Clyde Valley Pet Retreat!!!

Buster absolutely loves his time in Clyde Valley, and thinks upon it as being a home away from home. We know that he is in the safest of hands while we are away on holiday and that Buster is enjoying himself tremendously. The care and attention given to Buster is second to none, and I can not believe how easy it is for me to book my next holiday! Clyde Valley is family orientated and they welcome Buster with open arms into their family for daily walks with Lucy, and playtime with Jim and Angela’s daughters. I honestly would recommend Clyde Valley to anyone thinking of leaving their dog while on holiday.

Carrie Reynolds, Glasgow

It is just the best.

I have a six year old cocker spaniel called Sam. He is a sensitive soul and is my baby boy. Sam has stayed at Pet Retreat twice now and i can not speak highly enough of Angela, Jim and their girls. The accommodation is luxury, he is looked after so well. If there is no room at Pet Retreat then there is no holiday for us. Simple as that.

Joanna Conaghan, South Lanarkshire


Heaven for Dogs

My 7 month Weimaraner Rumer was left for the first time ever in the fantastic hands of Angela and Jim.I had visited a number of kennels prior to choosing Clyde Valley pet retreat and can only say it was a haven compared to others I had viewed.My wee girl had a ball running free with her fellow boarders and when I looked at the webcam she was always sleeping so they achieved something I can’t getting her whacked out !.

She’s off to stay again next month and I can go for my holiday completely relaxed knowing she’ll have a great time.

Many thanks, Susan Sandilands Strathaven


Peace of mind

Well that’s next years hols booked thanks to Angela,Jim & family. The only people I can entrust my boys to, which then enables me to actually enjoy being on hol. Got my dogs back this year again in better condition than they went in. On leaving, after picking the dogs up, one of them (Taffy) was actually trying to jump out the window away from me and back to Angela & Jim! Lol. Once again I can never thank thank you guys enough. What you do goes above and beyond and rest assured my boys luv and miss

Hamish, Taffy, Neto xxx Heather n Ally x by Heather Rankin, Lanarkshire


Happy dog = Happy owner

I found the Clyde valley pet retreat by chance and i am so glad i came across the site. Our dog, originally a rescue dog has never been left with anyone and so i was very nervous about leaving him but we as we haven’t had a holiday in about 5 years we were keen to get away for a few days especially now we have a 2 year old but i didn’t think it would be possible to go on a dog free holiday until i found this place! I originally thought £30 a day seemed steep and didn’t think i would be able to convince my husband to pay it but having looked at some other kennels and compared their facilities and prices i knew there was no way i could ever leave him anywhere else…the cost of it is reflected in the one to one care and attention which the dogs receive and so for that and the peace of mind given due to the web cams and regular updates i think the price is actually very reasonable. Prior to booking, Angela spent ages on the phone talking me through the kennels and the care he would receive which really helped to put my mind at rest, however, it was a few months before we could get him booked in so make sure you book in advance! Once the decision was made to leave him for a few days there was no going back – I booked him in Friday-Monday and tried not to think about it until the day came to drop him off. When we dropped him off we were met with a warm welcome both by Angela and her husband Jim and were shown into the kennels which were clean, spacious and well equipped and the welcome given helped to ease some of my anxiety at leaving him. We had only left him a few hours when the first update came through from Angela to say he had already been out for a big walk….these updates and being able to take a wee peek on the web came whenever I wanted put my mind at rest and surprisingly i didn’t check on the cameras as much as i thought i would while we were away and I was able to relax and enjoy a nice few days away. When we picked him up he was happy to see us and excitedly bouncing about but he still went over to Angela to be patted and sat beside her which showed us he was happy to be around her. On our return he was clean, content, and a wee bit shattered from all of the big walks he got but ultimately he was happy which in turn made me happy and therefore happy to leave him again in the future. I am so glad i found the Clyde Valley Pet Retreat and can’t thank Angela and Jim enough for the care he received – I’m sure he will be back for another stay soon!

Laura Shankland, Scotland

He cried when he was dropped off!

What can I say…. Only good things. Our big boy Kai (german shepherd) loved staying here. He wasn’t impressed when we left, but that was purely due to it being the first time we have ever left him with anyone not related to me. But after the first 24hours he seemed to settle in and I would watch him on the webcam. Angela was fantastic, being in the states I couldn’t call and check but just a wee email and I got a response as soon as possible. He’s a big character and I could tell form the emails and the camera that he was well loved. Kai will be returning over and over again, I now have the confidence that I can leave him in loving, caring and more than capable hands When Kai was dropped off to my mother in laws for our 2nd week away he was upset being left with her, he loved it at the retreat. (Angela couldn’t take him for the 2nd week, so remember to book well in advance) You may think the prices are steep but I would pay double to know my dog is happy. He’s my baby, you wouldn’t leave your kids to somewhere you wouldn’t be sure they were happy. Thanks to Angela and family xxx

Caroline Gentleman, Lanarkshire


Buster’s weekend away

Having had dogs for over 25 years and never having put any off them in Kennels because i had heard such horror stories about them I was so relieved when I found the website for Clyde Valley Pet Retreat. After visiting without warning Angela and Jim we were coming I was delighted to see that it was exactly as it was on the site. Buster spent last weekend in this lovely couples care and considering in the year and a half i’ve had him he has not spent one night away from me he was completely happy and content when we picked him up. It was also great that we could view him on the webcam and i could see that my fears of him pineing away were totally unfounded. I can’t believe that after all these years i’ve found somewhere that i feel 100% confident leaving my dog and knowing he’ll get as much care and attention as he gets at home. Thanks again Angela and Jim

Evelyn Hay, Glasgow


Excellent Kennels

Put my 1yr old (wild) collie in for a week with Angela, and Jim, the communication prior to his stay was wonderful and set your mind at ease. The suites are fab, heated floors, webcams and comfy beds all with a good view, we were greeted with both Angela, Jim and their two dogs and Ty didn’t even notice that we left him, was comforting to know that I could check up on him on the webcams, but he was hardly ever in or when he was he was zonked after a fun day with his new friends! Safe to say Ty will never go anywhere else for his holidays… Next time I might not get him back! Thank you again!

Laura Shankland, Glasgow


More pet hotel!

Wonderful care and attention afforded to our two Jack Russell Terriers who loved their w/e in their very own suite! Thanks for taking such good care of the girls!

Edward McCaffery, Renfrewshire


A fantastic find in a great setting

Having to put Hector into boarding kennels at almost 6 years old was a daunting thought and after visiting some kennels thought he could never go into one. Then, seeing an ad for Clyde Valley Pet Retreat I checked online, liked the concept of only 2 suites in the middle of the countryside and the one on one attention given to the dogs. We arranged a visit with Angela and Jim who showed us round, met Hector and set our minds completely at rest about the care and attention he’d receive. We booked him in for a week, were so happy and reassured that he’d be well looked after that we didn’t even look at the webcam until the 4th day and never checked again. We returned home to a really happy dog who was relaxed, contented, very well walked and even freshly bathed! So much more than we ever thought we’d find, this place is unique and Angela and Jim are true dog lovers who have created a fantastic retreat for dogs. Thank you very much and very highly recommended!

Gordon Alexander, South Lanarkshire

Bonnie, Cleo & Millie

Bonnie,Cleo and Millie would like to thank Angela,Jim and family for a great weekend stay at the luxury retreat where they enjoyed underfloor heating couches and beds in one room and a covered outside secure area. The had lots of room to run around and enjoy the views from the floor to ceiling window. They loved the long walks in the countryside and a shower/bath when they returned. The personal attention with love and care they got was wonderful and hope to return as soon as Liz and Barry go their next holiday. They would recommend this retreat to all dogs they loved it.

Thank you

Elizabeth Irvine, South Lanarkshire

1st Visit

Dog owners beware! your dog won’t want to come home! Lara was looked after like a member of their family and and she loved playing with the owners puppy (video kindly provided). My husband went to collect Lara and she enthusiastically greeted him by running straight past him to play with Angela & Jim the owners. How’s that for care and attention? We would have no hesitation in putting Lara back there again and would would thoroughly recommend Clyde Valley pet retreat to all caring pet owners. Hope to see you soon. Lara says ‘thanks’

by Sandra McHenry, Lanark


Fantastic Place For A Dog To Stay

“Thanks Angela, Jim and the girls. The dog was very well looked after during her stay with you at the retreat. Facilities matched up to what you described and at times I think you actually undersold the retreat. Anyone who wants peace of mind that their pet is not only being well looked after but is having a great time while on they are on holiday should book into the retreat. Having booked the dog into this facility I would never/or be allowed to book anywhere else. Thanks again and I look forward to booking Keira in again.”

Paul Hawthorn, Airdire, North Lanarkshire


Worlds apart from other kennels – can’t even call this a kennel.

“Sammy and Sasha have been well looked after in a home from home with personal service from Angela and Jim. The updates on facebook and web cam facility is fantastic and gave me peace of mind – they’ve got nothing to hide because they are looking after my dogs, unlike kennels that I’ve had to use in the past when I’ve been suspcious of whether they’ve been out of the kennel at all.” Booked in on a regular basis now 🙂

Jackie Baker, Chapelhall, North Lanarkshire

Was Tempted To Book Myself In For A Week!

When i saw where my dogs were going to be staying and the luxury room they had and the great views over the Lanark countryside which are breathtaking….not to mention the attention they would be getting i was tempted to book myself in for a week ha ha….Its run by a family who love dogs and are very passionate about what they do! My three dogs Scruffy, Gismo and Ziggy were so well looked after while they stayed here. They settled in straight away due to the luxurious surroundings and the array of toys that kept them amused. They had plenty of walks also which was great for them. The retreat is very well managed, very clean and the fact that you can watch you dog(s) via webcam if you so wish says it all really. I have already booked my dogs back in for their third holiday because in my opinion you will not find a better “hotel” for your dog(s). Thank you Angela, Jim and family for opening up such a great establishment which gives us dog owners peace of mind that our precious four legged friends are getting so well looked after while they are in your care.”

Fiona Munro, Mount Vernon, Glasgow


Ben’s Holiday To Clyde Valley Pet Retreat Dog Hotel

Our dog Ben, has just returned from a visit to Clyde Valley Pet retreat Dog Hotel, we were worried about having left him for the first time for 7 days, we need not have worried we returned to find Ben was very much at home and very contented, he had obviously received lots of love care and attention during his stay, would like to say a very big Thank You to Angela and Jim and their children for taking such excellent care of Ben.”

Susan McAnaney, Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire

Chanels Fab Holiday At Clyde Valley Pet Retreat

My little Yorkie Coco Chanel just had the most wonderful 17 days at this great pet hotel its an amazing place with amazing owners we had no problem leaving her as we new she was in very good hands the kennel she stayed in or should i say first class room with leather sofas, crystal lights, under floor heating tiles that are spotless and much more even their own little en suite with bath and shower its so cool what we liked as well was that when we were away our cruise you could see her live on the web cam this was amazing its so nice knowing that when your away these wonderful people are looking after our little baby they are first class and do what they do in the most professional way when we got Chanel back she was so happy and healthy and was smelling just lovely and she made loads of new doggy friends we will always use this little pet hotel as we know they are treated the way your pet should be and we were very very pleased

Many many thanks to the both of you

Love Isabella &Billy and Coco Chanel xxxx had a wonderful time, I’ll be back x”

Isabell McCall, North Lanarkshire


One Happy Dog

“This place is exactly what it says in the name a real pet retreat! My shar pei Roxy has just returned from a weeks holiday and I can honestly say I think she loved it. She loved the luxury rooms, with an off the floor bed and her own mini sofa to laze on! She also loved the freedom of coming and going in the room as she pleased. Angela was brilliant with her, taking her on numerous walks a day and letting her roam around the massive grounds if that’s what she preferred. I was “anxious” about leaving her as I had never left her before, I really should not have worried as I think she would have happily stayed with Angela and her wee dog (who became her best friend) forever! We will definitely be returning here again as I know my dog is in safe and caring hands in the Clyde Valley Pet Retreat.”

Tracey Walsh (and Roxy), Glasgow


Clyde Valley Pet Retreat

I was very impressed by the high standard of care at Clyde Valley Pet Retreat. Barney came back to us looking happy and lively and beautifully clean. It was obvious he had been very well looked after. Angela took great care to note his feeding routine, behaviour and personality and to see that all his needs were catered for.Angela and Jim had taken photos of the lovely walks they had been on with Barney and he certainly appeared to have adapted well to his new surroundings as well as striking up a friendship with their own dog, Lucy.The suites are well-equipped with comfy couches and beds and plenty of room to walk about. The dogs have good views of the countryside from the indoor and outdoor sections of the suites. Angela and Jim also offer a collection and delivery service which is a great help if you are short of time. Clyde Valley Pet Retreat will be my first choice if I need to use kennels again.

Anne Lynas, Carluke, South Lanarkshire


At last – somewhere I can leave my pet without worrying!

Clyde Valley Pet Retreat was perfect for my Jack Russell. When I picked him up after spending over a week with Angela & Jim, he was in no hurry to go home. In fact he was happily jumping in and out of the car looking for more attention from Angela! He was one happy doggie! We also found the webcam amazing. Throughout out each day of our holiday, we frequently watched him play, eat, and sleep. This was extremely reassuring for us and we didn’t worry about him at all. We would thoroughly recommend Clyde Valley Pet Retreat for a stress free stay for your pet and a more relaxed holiday for you.

Marie Bell, Hamilton, South Lanarkshire


Kopper from Inverkip

My wee working cocker spaniel stayed with Angela and Jim over Christmas – unfortunately after her stay I am not sure if she wanted to come home! I was so delighted with her ‘accommodation’ compete with heated floor and web cam – so I could look at her when I wanted – not that she was in much to look at as she was out and about most of the time. This is absolutely a Boutique hotel and Kopper will be going back again during my next holiday. I am so happy that I found Clyde Valley retreat as I know I can go away and Kopper will be more than looked after.

Karen Skewies, Inverclyde

Mitzy’s stay

We recently left Mitzy at Pet retreat with Angela and Jim. We were so delighted with the care she received, We got regular feedback and was able to view her via the webcam Mitzy came back exactly as she went in fit and healthy and really happy We wouldn’t send her anywhere else now, especially as we visited Several other establishments before seeing pet retreat. Thanks for the care and attention you gave to our Mitzy, look forward to seeing you again.

Jackie Chan, West Lothian


Excellent suites

Our boys, 2 labs stayed for 18 days recently and came out so relaxed and looking so well. Angela and Jim are so attentive and responsive to our wishes. Nothing is too much trouble and the fact they gave regular updates whilst we were away was so reassuring. The suite is huge and our boys had lots of room. To see them on the webcam was a huge bonus. They got lots of human attention. We have visited many kennels around Glasgow and beyond and nothing compares to the high standards of these suites. So much so that we will arrange our holidays around availability here. Many many thanks to Angela, Jim and family.

Karen Brown, South Lanarkshire


Spence had an amazing holiday.

Our Cocker Spaniel Spence stayed at the Clyde Valley Pet Retreat while we were in New York for 10 days and words cannot describe how much peace of mind Jim and Angela gave us. The care and attention they gave Spence is priceless, dogs are entitled to a holiday too and thats exactly what they get at the retreat. Spence has not only had an amazing holiday he has gained a bunch of new friends which gives us so much joy. He is very much missing his new friends, however he will see them again in March for another 2 weeks. If you are a dog owner and are looking for somewhere to put your dog into while you are away look no further you will not find better. Angela and Jim are the best people we have ever met including their girls Kirsty and Eilidh and of course Lucy and Mitzy, Thank you so much to all of you and look forward to seeing you in March.

Debbi, Robert and Spence xxx

Debbi Wilson, Glasgow


Super Kennels.

What a wonderful holiday our dog Buster had at Clyde Valley Pet Retreat, Angela and Jim really took great care of him, the kennels are of a very high standard with lots of room and underfloor heating, the webcams are a very good idea, i could watch Buster at any time, when he was in, he was out a lot with Angela and Jim on big long walks which he loves, im so glad I’ve found a place where i can leave him when we go on holiday. This is a wonderful place to leave your dogs while you go away on holiday, we will definitely be taking Buster back, Thanks again Angela and Jim.

Angela Morrison, Carluke







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