Christmas a distant but happy memory!

January 31st, 2013
Wow, what a fantastic Christmas & New Year we
had here at Clyde Valley Pet Retreat. We had a full house of doggies that all
got on so well together that they had endless fun playing and running in our
field. As you will see in the photograph below, we made sure that they all had
as festive a time as their owners. We had tinsel, presents and special treats
for them all. In the picture all the dogs are decked out in tinsel on Christmas
Day ready for their lunchtime walk. From left to right – Layla the Utonigan,
Lucy (our Lab cross) Mungo the Pug, (Me, minus my head!!!!)Bracken the Chocolate
Lab and Kopper the Working Cocker. After our afternoon walk it was time for
presents and each guest had their own Christmas present from us to open. We had
such fun over the festive period and we really miss them all. Layla actually
spent a whole month with us from mid-December to Mid-January as her owner had
gone home to the Caribbean for Christmas. By the time she went home it felt
like handing over one of our own dogs. Hopefully though they will all be back
to stay with us at some point again in the future so its not so much
“goodbye” but more “see you soon”.

Thanks again to Lauren, Claire, Jeanette and Karen
for putting your faith in us to look after your dogs. We love them all and look
forward to seeing them again soon. Regards Angela x

Layla, Lucy, Mungo, Bracken & Kopper on Christmas Day 2013